Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Out on the 29'er in yesterday morning to do some gps re con on the Green Circle Trail for an event I'm helping with in September. Just a cruise ride with entertainment coming from seeing quite a few locals out getting their morning fix of recreational activities in. For the evening training ride only four of us braved the weather report to go out for a good forty miles north of town around the DuBay river flowage. Always good conversation on these rides when the Tour is about ready to start. Who will win? Alberto, Carlos, Cadel, Lance, the Schleck's, or Denis? Three weeks from this coming Saturday we'll all have an answer with who stands alone atop the Tour podium in Paris.

Coming up for the rest of this week is some bike prep for the WORS weekend and a possible Standing Rocks ride on Friday night with WBR/Siren endurance racer Chris Strout. Pedal on...

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