Friday, July 03, 2009

Busy Weekend

Surviving today at work will be a bonus. My goal is to actually leave on time for once this week so I can make it out to Standing Rocks by 5:30 to meet up with Chris (In the Gutter) Strout. It's the start of his marathon weekend of riding laps at the Rock and it will eventually see him circle the 24-9 course countless times during the daytime and into the darkest hours with lights blazing. Last year I was able to meet up with Chris & Brad Majors on two occasions for some good night laps on a course that I could almost ride blindfolded after ten years of racing 24-9.

The rest of my weekend will involve pre-riding the WORS Firecracker course tomorrow along with keeping the kids entertained before the fireworks are showering the night skies. Sunday I'll line up for only my second WORS event of the season and see if I can pick the pace up for this very short race after the 100 miler's I've completed in the past month. It's always a challenge to see if my faster legs show up for the day or if I'm stuck in 24 hour solo mode. No matter what the trails at Lowe's Creek in Eau Claire are awesome and Craig Manthe along with the other volunteers deserve lots of praise for putting on an event like the Firecracker. Have a safe 4th of July weekend! Pedal on...

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