Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Blogger Reborn!

The new WORS season has started and so far I'm well ahead of last years health issues that took the fun out of riding or racing my bike. A podium finish in the 45 til death Cat 1 age group at Iola was a surprise and this last weekend just finishing was reward enough for this old racer. What I'm looking forward to most this summer is coaching and mentoring these two fast racers pictured below achieve their goals for the season while keeping it fun and fresh. Make sure and cheer on Justin and Hanna this season as they travel around the Midwest collecting podium finishes. Thanks to our sponsors and partners for the 2015 race season: #iamspecialized #sram #A212racing #Adventure212 #hostelshoppe #podiumwear #twinsix #esigrips #keen Pedal on...

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Back on the Starting Line

Finally back on my blog after my shortened mtb racing season is almost over. Not a lot of racing news since I've been dealing with a health issue most of the summer. Only one WORS finish at Rhinelander along with a DNF at Wausau trying to race through the issue. Pedaled comfortably behind our fast A212 women at the Chequamegon 100k on the fun CAMBA trails and ended up breaking a rear spoke at the Wausau 24 on the first lap that was unrepairable. This past weekend was a new start to my 2014 season with a 19th overall and an age group 2nd place stump at the Bell's Beer Copper Harbor Trails Festival in the long XC race. Still not 100%, but was breathing comfortably during hard efforts and had lots of fun on some tough trails. The best part of the weekend was watching my son participate in his first mountain bike race. Sebastian got through the 3 mile race just fine with me nervously hoping he had a great experience, which he did. He's now hooked on mountain bike racing! Next big decision is to race the Chequamegon 40 or ride Marquette single track??? Pedal on...

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Summer Time Catch Up!

It's time to start  being more consistent with my blog again.  The Polar Vortex took a lot of my motivation away this spring.   Let's hope for a great summer full of fun!  Pedal on...

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Friday, December 27, 2013

New 616 Fatty

My Christmas present to myself!  Pedal on...

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lost Month...

November seems to be my lost month for posting this year on my blog.  The Iceman Cometh was fun to be at, but the race was all about survival this year with not much in the way of quality training for me in the month of October.   Just before Thanksgiving I got my pieced together Pugsley back together.  Wider rims have turned it into a Franken Pugs.  I left the first tracks again on the area trails after we got our first 1-2 inches of snow just over a week ago.  The kid in me seems to comes out whenever snow comes and I can ride for hours if I have enough time in the day.  My Michigan built 616 Fat Bike build is coming along slowly.  My wheels are on their way back from Velocity USA in Grand Rapids Michigan.  In another week it should be snow worthy.  Photos of the finished build coming soon!  Pedal on...

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Busy Week!

 Had some brain overload out in Morgan Hill, CA  this past week.  I  survived a  half day of air travel  to reach  Specialized Bicycles  for the SBCU Body Geometry Fit Level II Master's Course.   From building up your fit business to  advanced  assessments  and  aero  fittings,  it was a  great week of learning from some of the the  best  experts in the fit world.   It didn't hurt either that we were allowed to play in the  Specialized Wind Tunnel...

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Team A212/Specialized

 Another fun and successful season is almost wrapped up with only the  IceMan Cometh  left  in November  to line up for.  Thanks to our  sponsors and teammates for making  it  possible to ride bikes all over the  country!  Pedal on...

Friday, October 04, 2013

SVSU Hall of Fame Weekend - No Bikes Allowed on this Trip

This indoor track would have been nice during winters in Saginaw...
Trying to get organized for photos before the induction ceremony.
30 years later and the campus was very impressive!
A great weekend!  Glad I made the trip back.
Halftime introductions at the football game.
Lots of memories and older friends...
My closest friends while at SVSU, Joe & Neal.
My biggest fan & supporter for all my athletic endeavors. :-)

Thursday, October 03, 2013

The Dropped Bottle...

Chequamegon 2013 "OO"  :-)

photo credit - Avita Cole

Monday, September 16, 2013

Chequamegon Fat Tire 40


Survived another Fat Tire 40!  This year was my 19th consecutive 40 with only one DNF that came in 2003 when I got caught up in a bad crash on Hwy 77 about half-way to Rosie's Field and hauled away in an ambulance.  This year the start was pretty uneventful with only a few close calls on Hwy 77.  Starting up front still doesn't guarantee a stress free trip all the way to Rosie's Field.  The ATV's were criss-crossing for some reason and the field kept shifting back and forth whenever one of these supposedly skilled throttle jockeys made a move.  From Rosie's to OO my race was pretty calm and I had found a good pack to settle into.  I believe that we were the third group of chasers behind the leaders and OO came quickly this year.  Just after OO, my first big mistake happened when I botched the bottle hand-up from Laura after 23 years of never dropping a bottle from her.  After skidding several yards to a stop from about 20mph, Laura ran to me with another bottle as I stormed angrily away in an attempt to catch back on to the group I was with.  Luckily and with a huge effort, I bridged back up by Janet Rd and latched on to recover knowing that more climbing and attacks would be coming.  I burned a big match getting back onto the group, but it was a gamble that needed to be taken or else I would have been easily ran down by the next chasing group on the fire roads.  After Martel's Pothole the pace was up and down for many miles.  It seemed like pretty smooth sailing until Seeley  Firetower when my legs decided to not cooperate.  I hung on until about mile 33 before finally going into damage control and riding solo until 2 miles to go.  With one mile left, I got caught by a small group that included my good friend TMF and I had no response in my legs to go with him to the finish.  From that point on, I got passed by two more with the finish line in sight and tried to push hard one more time with what I had left, but still ended up losing the final age group podium spot by just half a second at the line.

Overall, it was still a great day on my bike with my teammates and friends all having good races.  It's also always entertaining spending the weekend with my A212/Specialized Team even though Mikee thinks that he can easily ski the Birkie!  In the end, I'll take my 36th overall and  over analyze it until I again roll up into my starting gate next year for my 20th Fat Tire 40.  Pedal on...