Saturday, May 02, 2009

It's That Time!!!

Sun, fun and mountain biking! It doesn't get much better than this. My shoulder passed the first test of the season by not bothering me too much. A few downhills with drops caused some discomfort, but otherwise it looks like if I can stay on my bike and not crash, it'll be fine and only get better with time. In the last two days Mark and I have ridden some AMAZING single track at the Fort Custer Rec Area and the Brighton Rec Area. My new Specialized S-Works has left me almost speechless with its lightness and how well it handles...I definitely chose the correct bike to race on this season. Tomorrow is the first Michigan Mountain Bike Association XC race at Fort Custer and it looks like we'll make another stop near Battle Creek Michigan to check this event out as we work our way back to Wisconsin. Race results may come later this weekend. Pedal on...

Mark and his new bike.

Mark railing through one of the many banked corners at Fort Custer.

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enduroloco said...

the answer to your question in regards to the blizzard race would be the 12 solo. Should I count you in?