Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Long & Tiring Weekend

- Friday 3:30am wake-up for drive to Michigan

- 6 plus hours of driving

- Mountain biking at Fort Custer Rec Area w/Mark

- Visit On 2 Wheels bike shop

- Arrive at parents house

- Stayed up way too late talking

- Saturday Mountain biking at Brighton Rec Area w/Mark, Pat & Hal

- Stayed up until 2am watching the Las Vegas Supercross live

- Sunday 6am wake up to get ourselves to Fort Custer for MMBA XC race

- Short warm up before lining up for 2.5 hrs and 36 miles of pain

- New S-Works mountain bike is AMAZING!!!

- Quick stop in Kalamazoo to pick up vintage MX'er(1986 Honda CR250)

- Long drive back to Stevens Point (6-7 hrs) Lots of coffee

- Arrive home at 9:30 pm after the marathon drive

- Very little sleep heading into a Monday of surprises at work

Pedal on...


Bruce said...

Good to see an old familiar face from WI racing over here. took a couple of pics while you were passing by the timing shute. Send me your e-mail and I will send them to you.


Scott Cole said...

Thanks Bruce! Great course for the race and a beautiful day. Did you race? email is: sdcole_1 at charter dot net