Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hump Day

Here's another week that's blazing past with Memorial Day already upon us this weekend. Yesterday for the first time in quite a while the weather was favorable on on my day off except for the wind that tormented our road ride last night. Today's not much better with gusts exceeding 22 mph, but we do have sunshine and warm temps to offset this reoccurring trend through the spring months.

I had planned to be out on the roads twice yesterday, but with a text from Chris Peariso early in the morning my plans quickly changed to mountain biking out at Standing Rocks for a few good paced laps of flowing singletrack. This was my first ride at the trails and as usual everything was in great shape from the work people did last fall on a few trails along with the Point Pursuit trail work day in late April. For part two of my day, the Tuesday night Heartland Club ride met at 5:30 to head east into a strong headwind for the first 20 miles or more before we made the turn to get rewarded with being pushed at times back towards Point at over 30 mph. It was still tough at times, but a few people had a crazed idea of seeing how fast we could get our paceline going before blowing people up. This idea worked for a short time, but with minimal success with tired legs towards the end of the ride. Overall it was a good solid day of time on the bike(s) as I work through this week before backing trainning down for the Mohican next week.

Tonight I'll head back out to Standing Rocks for the Point Pursuit Club mountain bike ride and play around with my suspension settings some more while taking it easy just barely turning the cranks over to give my old legs a good rest. Pedal on...

2008 Mohican 100

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