Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

This last week has been a blur with lots of time spent on both the road and mountain bikes The countdown continues with less than a week before heading to the Mohican 100 with a very short week ahead of me at work. All systems seem ready to go with a hard 100 miles waiting to hopefully be tamed come next Saturday morning in Loudonville, OH.

Today's relaxing holiday includes an easy road ride with a good friend later this morning and a birthday celebration/outdoor brat feast/cake demolition for Sebastian who turns 2 years old today. It's funny how at his young age that he's already taking advantage of the fact that he's the birthday boy barking out commands in his limited vocabulary for daddy to wait on him even more today. He's a smart little 2 year old that's quickly figuring me out. I hope that this next year doesn't go by as fast as this last one did. Time flies with kids in the mix. Have a great Memorial Day! Pedal on...

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