Sunday, May 17, 2009

Iola WORS #1

Another great event put on by the Iola Winter Sports Club and WORS. A good hard effort at the race today was a bonus for me after going into this race with no real idea how I would finish. 18th overall out of 57ish finishers in the Elite category was way above my expectations with this race being another very hard training day in my crazed plans to reach other endurance focused goals later this season.
Photo by Rusty

Our Adventure 212/Specialized Team was represented well with Chris, TJ, Bender and myself all getting some good sponsorship exposure on the start line along with all of us finishing in the top twenty. Next up on my schedule is a tough week with lots of alone time putting in some good training hours before tapering for the NUE Series Mohican 100 that is only two weeks away. Pedal on...

Thanks also goes out to MountainGoat today for encouraging lots of us to keep the cranks turning in circles and for the great photos he shot(including the two below)in numerous places around the course.


Mad Trix said...

Nice Work Scott and it was great talking to you. Good luck @ Mohican.

Mountaingoat said...

I have almost as much fun cheering you guys and finding that perfect pictures as I do racing.