Monday, April 27, 2009

5 Spring Classics Completed = Bad Weather for 5 Weekends

Yesterday was the last of the Heartland Club Spring Classic training series for 2009. With the weather looking really bad for the day only three of us showed up to ride while Jack Friess from the Heartland Club officially documented our departure with a few pictures. The Amherst-Wild Rose-Amherst ride is roughly 80 miles as you head south to loop around Mt Morris after climbing up to the county park to re-fill bottles. The day turned out to be rather pleasant ride as only the first 15-20 miles had any real precipitation falling and from that point we put up only with road spray, one flat tire and a good wind out of the northeast just before finishing. Overall it would have been nice to have more bodies out for the ride, but sometimes it's easier with a few good friends who do not have to be led corner by corner throughout the ride because of their past involvement with these spring classics. Pedal on...

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