Monday, October 27, 2008

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Halloween Cross
This event was a lot more interesting to talk about then my level of racing this weekend. Interesting costumes, bunny hopping over the wall of fire, the EXPO hill run-up and lots of great people. The race started off with about twenty or more 40+ CX'ers as we made our way to the first turn and climb. I got myself buried in the pack and tried to move forward but lacked the competitive fire and power I usually have. Mark was ahead from the start for most of the first lap until I finally squeezed past him on the top part of the course without running into him as things got close in a few turns on the lower section and as the saying goes, "Rubbing is Racing" sometimes. From the that first lap to the seventh I just tried to ride steady and not embarrass myself hopping over the wall of fire with all the drunken and cheering fans that were congregating around this flaming obstacle. In the end I rolled (not raced) over the finish line in 9th well back from WORS regulars John Lirette (5th) and Jeff Melcher (3rd) who were both in the top five again. Now that I've kind of got the cross bug in my blood again I might think seriously about driving to the next race this coming weekend at Estabrook Park in Milwaukee. Pedal on...

Mike Phillips - Adventure 212 - Up in Flames

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