Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cold Hump Day
Where did the nice weather go? I dread spending the extra time it takes having to dress in layers when you want to ride on a day like this. I had flashbacks to Trans Iowa v4 a handful of times when the wind gusts kicked up over 30mph as the weather was a close match to that horrible day in Iowa except for the lack of gravel and snow flurries during my short two hour tour. The month of October seems to of come and gone quickly as the Iceman is approaching faster this year in what could be one of those years where the IceMan does Cometh turning the race into a ballet on snow that's not always pretty to watch unless you're a spectator with a camera. I've experienced at least three or four of these IceMan's that totally change the characteristics of the course and makes your selection of race clothing that much more important. Every year I pack for the worse with many choices in my bag that range from shorts to tights, short sleeve jerseys to wind blocker long sleeve base layers, toe covers to booties, cycling gloves to lobster mitts, and headbands to balaclavas. As I've told many first timers, expect the worse and you'll well prepared.

Mark - IceMan Cometh 1995

For bike choice it's easy as you just need to ride what you have unless you're confused and trying to choose between a 29'er and a full suspension ride for the race like I am. This is always a great event that I look forward to each year even with a 9 hour drive through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The people that you're around before and after the race make it well worth the suffering in the car. It's also a great way to wrap up a long season of traveling and racing with the post race PARTY that one of the race sponsors host in downtown Traverse City after the awards. 11 days and counting until we line up under the cold start banner. Pedal on...

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mdcmoto said...

I think driving to Traverse City in the snow storm was worse than the race that year. I vote for no snow this year.