Monday, July 14, 2008

What Weekend?
I must have missed this past weekend with riding, work, riding and some more riding as it's already Monday morning. Training seems to be going along on track as I'm also getting comfortable on the Stumpjumper S-Works FSR. Sometimes more travel (5inches) is good in my mind as you get into the tired dark hours of a 24hr event. All of us have gotten off the beaten path during a lap as your mind wanders and this usually leads riding over bigger hidden objects that would take you down quite easily when tired. In comparison to my Specialized Epic of 07, this bike is just as light and with it's geometry it does fit my shorter torso better. On the downside it does handle slightly slower in the tight technical singletrack vs my Epic, but if you're on a bike for 24hrs the pace is not as aggressive as a typical XC race and this bike does cruise quite comfortably without a lot of effort. It's almost like having a cruise control option where you just need to stay seated, get in the zone and pedal. I'm still working on the tubeless conversion and hope to have that taken care of in the next few days. This weeks training schedule will be all about some good quality efforts with my endurance fitness being deposited in the bank for withdrawal in less than 3 weeks. The tough part about being an endurance racer is quickly approaching where I need to get everything organized for a race and thankfully I have a good checklist that's gotten me through many 24hr events. Pedal on...

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