Sunday, July 13, 2008

Saturday = Long Morning Ride + Work + Late Night 9-Mile Laps

Team SHO-AIR's Heidi Volpe and hubby Michael Darter made 9-Mile a vacation destination traveling all the way from California to preview the trails before 24 hour nationals in August. Look for Heidi in the co-ed duo category as she goes after the stars and stripes jersey.

L-R: Brad Majors, Mark Cole & Chris Strout

Six of us mounted our lights up on our bikes and helmets and headed out to ride laps of the 2007 24-9 course as the sun disappeared. It's always weird my first time out in the dark with trying to get lights adjusted while also riding my Stumpjumper FSR for the first time after being on the 29'r Stumpy most of this season. Everyone had their moments with rocks, trees and following the course route, but in the end we all put together a respectable last lap with the lights blazing that proved we were all flowing well before packing up just before midnight to get home for some shut eye. Today will see some more hours logged turning the pedals as 24-9 looms ever so close as July is almost half over. Pedal on...

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