Monday, October 23, 2006

Snow Flurries
The weatherman was a day off with his light snow flurry prediction for yesterday that hit the ground today. On Sunday I got to ride the singletrack at Standing Rocks before my day of shopping started as we tried to not spend any money in a trip to Lowe's for new doors and possibly storm windows. The trail work that just got completed will be the last of what was flagged to complete the 14 mile loop. Many thanks go out to JimS and Wally for all the hard labor that they've put into the trails in the the last few weeks and during the cycling season. Even with leaves covering a majority of the trails, it seemed perfect on a 37 degree day as three of us flowed through all fourteen sections without having any issues with the rocks and roots that are noticeable when the trails are cleared. The ride next Saturday before the WORS banquet should be fun if the wet weather thats in the forecast misses this area. Today was just a commuter day to work and back home with no real concern about mileage or how much time I spend pedaling this time of year. My fitness should carry me for another few weeks before my season is officially over.

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Jeff Kerkove said...

Your name came up while I was at Ergon in Germany. Peter Swap asked if I knew you.