Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sunday Morning

What can be better on an early Sunday morning when it's only 28 degrees outside and you have a good cup of coffee with Neil Young's greatest hits playing in the background. I have all sorts of music on my ipod, but sometimes certain artists hit the right spot on an October morning like this one. During the 24 hour race in Conyers I couldn't get AC/DC and Bon Jovi out of my head for most of the night as I pushed the pedals hoping that the 12 hours of darkness would leave and I'd see the sun again. It's crazy how a few songs will not go away as you repeat them over and over again while trying to make other problems(knee pain) go away during a 24 hour race. Maybe they repeat like the laps in a 24 hour race as you ride the same course a few dozen times or more.

Iceman Archives-Mark Cole 1995

Today's weather is calling for a few snow flurries before noon and I see this as a chance to get IceMan tough if I can get my lazy butt out on the road bike or maybe to ride mountain bikes since the closing date is getting closer for Standing Rocks. I'm over due on going through my tired mountain bikes as I've just been riding my road bike since Georgia. They need some immediate TLC. It's about time to take the number plates off them so I don't look like a rookie racer riding around town with a race number on my bike. Time to get off the computer and be productive today.

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