Friday, October 06, 2006

15 Hours and Counting
With the start approaching quickly tomorrow morning, I'm trying to not think too much about the following 24 hour period. This course will have its casualties with the terrain that it includes along with the usual things that happen in a 24 hour solo event. Today I rode my backup bike on the course and cut six minutes off from yesterdays lap before getting out my primary S-Works and putting some time on it with the larger cassette on a few different sections of the course. I sat along side of a few of the big names in this sport(minus one from Iowa) for the riders meeting today and wondered who would come out on top when noon on Sunday rolls around to put an end to a long day. The pressure is on Eatough with a few guys that could steal his glory as he goes after title number seven. Who will win is anybodies guess with riders from South Africa, Austria, Australia, Canada, Great Britian and a strong contingent of riders from the United States.

Today Steve, Mark, and Kyle finished getting all the food prepared for the race. Everything is accounted for with a plan A and also a plan B if something isn't working during the race. Tonight we ate a very good meal at the Olive Garden and decided that a movie would probably put most of us to sleep. After a trip to the Borders bookstore where I picked up some non-cycling reading materials, we headed back to the resort.

Be sure to check out the websites that I've listed in previous posts for live race updates and photos. Lights out...

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