Saturday, October 07, 2006

Race Morning
This is it! In three hours I'll begin my journey on the Olympic Mountain Bike course for what could be 24-28 8 mile laps depending on how my body cooperates. Breakfast is the typical coffee, oatmeal, slimfast and maybe a pop tart to sweeten things up a little. I'm going to hangout in the hotel until 10:30ish before making my way down to our pit area. From that point we have rider check-in at 11:30 and rider call-up at 11:40 before the LeMans style quarter mile run to our bikes at high noon. My goal is to ride smart and finish strong which will hopefully get me a good result. Race update to follow on Sunday afternoon if awake...

My Official race number is 52.

1 comment:

Jay said...

Good Luck adn look forward to read the update when I get back from the last WORS race.