Thursday, October 05, 2006

Day 3-We Have Arrived
My brother Mark and I rode one lap of the course today after finally arriving at our destination. We started in the middle of the afternoon in the near 90 degree heat to get a feel for the different terrain it throws at you since I've only seen pictures of this place from other message boards or the video I have from the 1996 Olympic mountain bike race. It reminds me of the Slick Rock trail in Moab combined with the Poto Trail in southern Michigan. It's a course where you need to stay focused on, especially during the second half of the course which is more technical after crossing the main road that runs through the Olympic Horse Park. Tomorrow morning I'll ride two more laps, one on my back-up bike and the second on my primary ride. In the afternoon we have a mandatory meeting before it's time to relax with dinner and a possible movie.


Jay said...

Good luck scott. Hope you have a great ride and bring home some bling. Never give up and keep pedling till the end..

Scott Cole said...

Thanks Jay!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Scott! We'll be thinking of you. Go out there and give it your best!


Kim Basala

mountaingoat said...

Good luck Scott!