Sunday, September 10, 2006

Why is it that when road riding, the wind never cooperates for the return trip home? In theory you should get some kind of bonus push if it was in your face with gusts up to 24mph going to the ride start heading East out of town this morning. Today was all about road biking with a good 5 hour ride. We had nine guys and it was at a moderate pace with some good efforts to blow the group apart. I even skipped the free pizza at the ride finish to get in some extra miles by riding the 14 miles home with very little help from the wind. I feel tired after 9+ hours of saddle time in two days, but this is what it takes for me to place well racing in October with the proper amount of recovery days, some intervals, and tapering properly. I'm looking forward to this coming week with only four days at work, a fun weekend, and my daily rides.

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