Saturday, September 09, 2006

Four hours and 50+ miles of single track and rail trail today on a windy fifty degree day-off.(Thank God it wasn't on the old Huffy pictured here that came with a banana seat from the early 70's) I'm trying to get more hours on the mountain bike this week as training progresses through this month. No WORS race tomorrow, even though I'd like to do it, I need to look ahead to the bigger race and take care of my body first. My hand passed the rough ski trail test at Standing Rocks as I did do a loop of the blue trail to get an idea how it would feel at Chequamegon next weekend. Icing it immediately after a ride seems to help along with the brace I got yesterday from my doctor. It's wierd thinking that Fall is just around the corner as I needed to wear a base layer, long sleeve jersey, and knee warmers for the ride today. It seems like yesterday when we finally got to shed the Winter cloths in April during the Spring Classics training series of rides. Time flies when your busy.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Skot,

Cool picture! Something's missing though...could it be...MARK????

-Guess who