Friday, September 01, 2006

1 Lap
Last night my ride did take me down the rail trail until I somehow was pulled towards Standing Rocks and its singletrack. I ended up riding a lap in 1:18 for the 13 mile loop with no other mountain bikers on the trails that I could find. My hand is still the same swollen size, but for some strange reason it does just fine holding onto the handlegrip on the bike in technical singletrack. This weekend I'm going to try and baby it with some better care to get it back to normal by next weekends WORS race. Legs are feeling 100% and today looks to be a commute only day with a late evening at work. If you're bored, check out the CrookedCogPodcast with Mr. 24 Jeff Kerkove that aired yesterday. A great interview with Jeff and how the endurance racing events have grown with more races on the schedule each year with Jeff being a key player in promoting this segment of mountain bike racing.

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