Sunday, August 20, 2006

WORS Devil's Head Preview

Worked on the course today with "Big D" and a great group of volunteers(Go Team Polska!) trying to make the course setup on Friday an easier task for the WORS crew. I felt good riding the course at a moderate effort. I would be happy with some rain around mid-week to help the new course section before the finish along with temps in the 70's on race day. The short track course is ready for racing with the course designers name being kept confidential. No knee issues for two laps today with a few good hard pushes. I'm hoping that my slacker week would have been enough to let it recover from the 24-9 race so I can get on with my daily training plans. This next week with training and the race on Sunday will answer all of my questions about my knee pain.

Click on link below for the course preview:

MotionBased Invitation

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