Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Road Construction

The excitemant of Summer never ends with major obstacles such as three bridges being replaced that take months to construct and causes a traffic detour down a favorite road for local cyclists. Last night, these obstacles did little to stop the two of us from cyclo-crossing through a few of these half finished structures to beat the remaining daylight home. Forty miles and my commute to work was about all the mileage I could get out of a beautiful Monday on my road bike. While cruising along, the normal chatter covered topics from new road bikes, an Eddy Merckx Wisconsin license plate, work, kids, pizza, John K's wedding, InterBike, cars, cranksets and Floyd. Riding a bike is great!

The new XTR compatible Rotor Q-Rings have landed and I plan on setting my S-Works up with these and a few other new drivetrain components for the WORS Cup at Devil's Head this weekend. From my good experience with these rings on my road bike this Spring, I'm wanting to give these a good test with the climbing that Devil's Head throws at all the racers. Sunday's race will be the ultimate test for my mind and body.

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