Saturday, August 19, 2006

Rained Out
Waking up to the sound of a hard rain this morning was a sign to snooze for some additional bonus shut eye. My legs are finally back to normal and the knee issue has been better with some rest. A rain day can only help it in the long run. Today is all about surviving a Saturday at work with a shop booked full of appointments. It should make the day speed along as you sometimes have little or no time to even grab lunch. On Sunday morning I'm heading down to Devils Head to help "Big D" with the WORS Cup course for next weekend. Yes, it will involve some hard labor, but on the postive side I'll get to pre-ride the course and not need to drive down next Saturday. No stage race at the WORS Cup this year as I want to build towards the 24 hr World's without causing more damage to the body. One hard effort next weekend in Sunday's XC race is enough.

New component arrivals coming next week are my Rotor XTR Q-Rings thanks to Howie at Rotor. They should be on my bike at the WORS Cup if they arrive early in the week.

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