Friday, August 18, 2006

Back on Schedule
Today is when my training picks back up again and the focus is on the 24 hour Worlds with a few races along the way to make things interesting. Work is short today and I'm trying to decide between road or mountain biking for my ride. My experiment with non-tubeless tires worked until I found a slice in my Schwalbe Fast Fred tire that the sealant couldn't seal. It made a two hour ride before going flat. If I can get this to be dependable it did take 3/4's of a pound off my S-Works.

Take a look at the web site below that has podcast interviews that cover many different personalities in the sport of cycling. Just click on Crooked Cog Podcast link to catch the upcoming interview with Jeff Kerkove "Mr 24" on Episode 4. Jeff is on a mission to put some hurt on the competition at the "24 Hours of Afton" in a few weekends. Jeff and I were both suffering at Nationals and rode together for part of a night lap before the storms hit. Check out his blog if you have a chance.

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