Friday, August 04, 2006

Next New Toy?

It's about that time to retire my 03' S-Works road bike and look into the 07's. The Specialized Tarmac is definetly catching my attention.

Last night I took the plunge and signed up for the Ore 2 Shore in Marquette next weekend. My fellow car poolers look to be "Big D" and Mark P who has cranked through the O2S in the past on his singlespeed. It's a gamble as to how my legs will react to the start and the 48 miles of beautiful terrain that we follow into Marquette after starting in Negaunee. With well over a thousand racers I might be inclined to set in on a fast pack and be happy to get dragged all the way to the finish. Last year I came away with the $100 give-a-way after awards that made a sluggish performance seem almost forgettable.

It's a few hours and counting before my three day weekend starts at work with the Midwest Recumbent Rally. My own version of Survivor starts today with long hours and hundreds of recumbent riders.

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