Thursday, August 03, 2006

On the Road Again
I'm back on the bike today as I try to get my legs to spin in circles again. I decided to take three days off before riding this year, as last year I rode easy on the day after and I paid dearly for is 3-4 weeks later. No WORS race this weekend as I need to be at work both days for our 13th Annual Midwest Recumbent Rally. Sunday will be a day of riding about 60 miles on the beautiful backroads east of Stevens Point on my 23lb Volae Team recumbent leading the Sunday tour. It will be a very easy ride on my body as I can cruise along at 20+ easily without even drafting and these bikes do climb well. I can ride away from any roadbiker in the area without killing myself.

New 2007 product seems to be coming out daily as I try not to get overly excited about what will be different or better for next season. The new Shimano XTR componentry is catching my attention and could be an upgrade from my current XTR groupo if the difference in 07 is really an improvement. InterBike is just around the corner and it would be nice to attend it again this year. Commuting to work is next today as I try to beat the clock and not be late. Another 12hr day ahead with all the activities happening this weekend.

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