Sunday, August 06, 2006

It's Over!
Finally! My weekend at work has ended today after leading the sixty mile recumbent Sunday ride from Standing Rocks. My knee is still bothering me some from last weekends 24 hour race, but my recovery seems to be coming along pretty good. I have had thoughts about trying to get into the World 24 Solo Championships down in Conyers, Georgia on October 7th, but at this moment I'll let it continue as a thought. I would need to have at least two people that could commit to almost a week away from their work as my pit support for the race. More on this later. Tonight I hope to go through my S-Works to get it ready for the Ore 2 Shore next weekend. I'm curious to see how much water is still in the frame. So much for the TDF this year after Landis failed his "B" test. I wonder how long it will take for World Cycling Productions to come out with a DVD of the 06 Tour and if they edit it to deal with the current test failures and loss of his TDF victory for for the first time in 100 plus years.

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