Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Classic Stumpjumper
I found my next new mountain bike yesterday when the Specialized dealer book for 07 landed. They have an original Stumpjumper replica model in limited quantities that's very cool with the original geometry, Tange tubing, and four finger motorcycle brake levers. This bike is definetly on my Christmas wish list.

Today is still up in the air for riding as I baby my left knee. The Green Circle on the mountain bike is more inviting for me this week vs. the Tuesday night road ride. If I ride with the road group, I'll push harder than I want to with my knee. This morning the new roof rack gets attached to the new car. Finally, something that will get 30+ mpg on the highway. The long road trips to bike races won't hurt quite as much for the remainder of the season at the gas pump.


Noam said...

my uncle has a couple old stumpjumpers that look exactly like the '07 one specialized is releasing. They're in excellent condition... have really never been ridden. For the past few months I've been riding one around NYC where I live. I went into a bik shop the other day to get a couple things and they went nuts. They said I shouldn't be ridning it and that it's worth a lot. I couldn't find an online bike price guide. Does anyone know how much they're worth? I don't know the year but they look exactly like the '07 replica...

Scoletrain said...

Checkout the link below and also maybe try checking www.firstflightbikes.com