Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Rain & Iola
I'm glad to see the rain this week as it has been very dry this last month. Iola definetley needed it before 800+ WORS racers lapped multiple times around the course this weekend. The rain shouldn't have any real negative impact to the course except for a few greasy areas in the woods and around the ski jump bowl area possibly. like I said in a previous post, Iola was the driest I've ever seen it from the years I was co-race director. I'm still trying to get my Rudy Rack sponsoredSpecialized S-Works dialed in for this weekend. I just need to work on the suspension settings and get some more saddle time on it. I should've taken advantage of the previous weeks good weather instead of gambling on the opening of the trails at Standing Rocks. I know the course well enough that I really have no need to pre-ride on Saturday unless it's only about getting more comfortable on the bike. My team jerseys are due to arrive on the 15th to 20th of this month which is very disturbing with the effort I put in to get the order and artwork sent out early enough to have them back by the first of May. This weekend I will either be in the Point Pursuit or the Team Stumpjumper Anniversary jersey depending on what I feel like wearing. By the end of today the temps could reach the 70's here and I'm hoping that the rain clears out before I do a short, but quality interval session after work around my favorite four mile block. The rest of the week will amount to easy riding with no big plans to beat up my tired legs. Iola is a "C" race on my training schedule and it happened to fall on a recovery week. We'll see if it comes as a bonus this Sunday when the race starts. Six days until the start of my 17th season of mountain bike racing...

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