Thursday, May 04, 2006

Meet the IMBA Trail Crew Day
Yesterday, I finally got my last hard effort in before backing off for the weekends race with some good intervals on the road. I'm a day behind my schedule after getting stuck at work for two extra hours on Tuesday night. Legs feel good and the mind is ready to control the pain from the start and first five climbs that come in the first 8-10 minutes at Iola. I have this course burned into my mind and hopefully I have a good race on Sunday. Today looks to be a busy day off with my first ride at Standing Rocks with some friends before meeting up with the IMBA Trail Crew. The singletrack officially opens today after being closed because of the 3 inches of rain that fell earlier in the week. Monday night people were ignorant enough to be out riding in the rain even with the big closed signed very visible from the parking lot and road. These are the few who get the trails shut down and are always the first to cry about not having trails to ride.
Got my new Crank Bros. Candy ti pedals for the Epic yesterday and the premium cleats that supposedly wear better and do not cause sudden cleat release when you least expect it. This is it for the bike set-up for the start of the racing season. I'm hoping to not deal with any parts or temptations for the summer months. The weather looks good for this weekends WORS opener. Sunshine with highs around 69 degrees are always welcome and should draw at least 800+ racers.

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