Friday, May 26, 2006

Raceless Weekend
No races this weekend, just a few days of early morning miles as the sun rises. Maybe some singletrack riding if the weather cooperates, but mainly it will be on the pavement. I've picked up a few more product sponsors in the past few weeks for this season and I should have them posted here once everything is finalized. At this time, all sponsors help greatly with the push towards 24-9 at the end of July. This next month will be huge in terms of training, health, equipment prep, and picking races that can help with my speed and endurance this season. The 24-9 will be fast with the level of competition that it will attract who are going for the national solo title. Only time and twenty-four hours of racing in July will let me know if my training this Summer will pay off.


Jay said...

Have a good weekend and ride for me. Off the bike for a couple of weeks as the right paw got crushed. Hope to be back for the last couple of races. Later..

Scoletrain said...

Get better soon Jay and stay out of trouble.

Jay said...

Trouble is my game and I'm undefeated.