Saturday, May 27, 2006

Saturday Morning 5 AM

The joy of riding early in the morning seems to make the day last twice as long for some odd reason. It was interesting to see the tracks from a previous mtb'r who had trouble braking and navigating corners on the greasy singletrack at Standing Rocks from the night before. Today's ride was nothing earth shattering, just three hours of rails to trails, singletrack, and five good race pace efforts towards the end. It was a ride that had me looking like I had battled with too many mud holes, but the muck all came from the dew covered ski trails as I went from one singletrack section to the next. The weather seems to be looking poor for tomorrow possibly as t-storms are making up most of the noise in the sky tonight. I know for Monday that I'm pre-riding the Big Ring Classic course for next weekends WORS race.

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