Thursday, May 25, 2006

RAAM Bike Testing
This morning I'm test riding one of two RAAM Volae recumbents before they leave for Oceanside, California in just under two weeks. Volae and the Hostelshoppe our sponsoring a two person team, Volae Wolfpack that hopefully will race across the country to Atlantic City, NJ in a total of eight days or less. My main focus is to break the bike in and make sure the Rotor Cranks
are set up properly along with the bike set-up. My test track is a mile square in the business park where I'll probably log around 30-35 laps before I get bored or need to get to work. Hot off the press, the new Bicycling magazine for July has a feature article on recumbents and the Midwest Recumbent Rally that we host the first weekend in August. It was great to see some press on the event and it feels good to be part of this growing market with the evolution of the highracer recumbents that are becoming more mainstream with the frames and high end components that can match the best roadbikes. Off to the test track...

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