Monday, May 22, 2006

SingleTrack Monday
Today's plan was to ride singletrack at Standing Rocks County Park after work for at least two hours or until I ran out of daylight. I ended up with exactly two hours after the darkness came early in the woods. Yes, I rode way too hard considering that Mondays have always been a recovery day, but how many chances have we had lately to ride some great mtb trails with 70 degree weather, sun, and no rain for one whole day. My reason was to see how long a moderately paced complete lap would take(1:17)for all 14 sections that total almost 13 miles. The new singletrack that we added in the Spring is really riding in good and will only get faster over time. Section 12 that the IMBA Trail Crew helped to build at the beginning of May is turning out to be fast and fun with some varied terrain that keeps you up on the ridge of a huge bowl as it bypasses the Last Thrill XC ski trail. I did ride another half lap, but at a much slower pace as the race yesterday and my timed lap today began to take its toll on my old legs. Someday I'll learn to follow my training plan religiously.

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creepyfriendly said...

Singletrack Monday? Fuck if I lived in Point again it would be single track everyday.