Friday, May 05, 2006

First Scratch
I guess I'd rather crash while training vs. the WORS race on Sunday to get it out of my system and to put that first scratch on the new bike. It's amazing how you can ride a rock garden 50 times and never have problems until that one day when you try a new line that's just a few feet off the main line and it takes you back down to earth pretty quickly and painfully. The good news is nothing carbon got scratched or dinged, but my Thomson seatpost and seatpost clamp were the main benefactors of my bad line choice through and over the larger rocks. Also, having a friend witness this crash gave us something to laugh about as we made our way through the next few singletrack sections. The Standing Rocks trails are in great early season condition. The two hours spent riding the trails yesterday helped to get a better feel for early season tight singletrack riding. Iola should feel wide open compared to these trails once I'm able to breath after the hard first lap. My WORS strategy is to have fun and to ride at the level I'm capable of with all the new young guns. The first race always brings lots of nervous energy and a fast early pace. We'll see how many fade in the last few laps from all the early excitement.

The IMBA Trail Crew presentation was fun last night along with seeing lots of friends. Everybody walked away with a door prize that attended the slideshow/social event that were donated by QBP(Quality Bicycle Products) and WORBA. I was pumped to get the cool Surly flask when my ticket number was called. I just need to figure out what to use it for?

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