Tuesday, April 18, 2006

PASTA Singletrack

Today I got in an 40 mile road ride with MK before heading out to Standing Rocks to re-route two of our existing singletrack sections. With a dozen plus miles it's getting to the point where we are starting to see where we need to make improvements`from the wear and tear from the last few years of use. I spent most of my time in section six trying to decide on the best way to get rid of the 90 degree downhill turn that has possibly claimed a few mountain bikers in the past. I must have changed my flagging ten times before I decided on what to do. It's going to take some benching to make my idea work, but it should drastically improve the approach to the tight turn. Tonight it's bike wash night in the backyard to give my abused stable of bikes some TLC that's badly overdue.

These pictures are from section six at Standing Rocks. The trails are in pristine condition with a beautiful sixty degree day and sunshine, but the park is not officially open to mountain bikers until May 1st...

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creepyfriendly said...

Trails are looking great scott. I still have to make it up there for a mtb ride.