Monday, April 17, 2006

Here I go again with an easy Monday of commuting to give the legs and body recovery time from last weeks mileage. Tonight will also be a good time to tune and clean the bikes. My road bike has been trashed lately with the variety of weather I've rode thru including the countless gravel roads. Yesterdays two flats didn't make me a happy biker as I had told a customer Saturday that I hadn't had a flat tire on the road in over a year. Boy did I doom myself! One small sliver of steel is all it took to bring a good day to a screeching halt on the ride just when the pace was starting to increase both times. I'll also need to remember the dollar bill that's in the tire which we needed to use for the emergengy tire boot because of the slice through the tire.

Tour de Georgia starts tomorrow. Too bad OLN can't give it more tv coverage with it being a growing US stage race and it has a great field of top American cyclists. Two hours of coverage on "Cyclysm Sundays" on April 30th is pathetic. One week of coverage should be possible. It makes you wonder why cycling doesn't get more popular with the general sports fans in America.

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