Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Sometimes you are the hammer, sometimes you are the nail.  This past weekend at the WORS race at 9-Mile County Forest I was the nail.  A bad stomach early on along with getting stung on lap 2 was the beginning to the end of my race.  Even with thoughts of returning to the race course after taking some Benadryl, I was stopped cold again after getting stung a second time at the back of our van.  The 2nd bee sting was what ended my day for good as I have a history of allergic reactions and carry Benadryl and/or EpiPen with me religiously these days.  Not the result I wanted on what I consider my home course, but nothing to get real down about either.  This weekend is another race and I'll go into it with a positive and fun attitude again in CAMBA Land in northern Wisco.  I feel blessed that I can ride a mountain bike the way I do at my age and still enjoy riding a bike the way I did as a kid over 40 years ago.  Just ride...

  Photo Credit: Todd Bauer :-)

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