Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Having Fun!

On Sunday, I made a big race day decision just after starting the  "Battle of Camrock" WORS race.  I was going to ride comfortably, enjoy the great course, and have fun.  It's been a long time since I've had a race where I just rode and took in the race.  More than not, I'm usually stressed and worried about where I would place, who I'm ahead or behind, etc. At the finish I felt like I had another good lap left in my legs and honestly feel that I left a lot out on the course once I rolled to a stop in the finish chute. It's been a few years since I've had this feeling.  I'll take my 30th overall out of 63ish finishers in the Pro/Elite class and give my medal to my son to wear on the drive home. The reward is seeing how proud he is to have my medal hanging around his neck when I get on the podium like I did at Camrock in the "45 til death" age category.  Having fun, riding a safe race, and being around lots of great people at the WORS races is what continues to keep me and my family coming back to the races.  Lately I've realized that I can't race mountain bikes at the level  when I was a few years younger and also do other things in my life that are important to me as my children get involved in more activities.   Maybe this season is my own personal victory tour?  Who knows, as I'm the only person able to answer this question correctly by the time the IceMan Cometh rolls around again in November.  Pedal on...

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