Sunday, October 20, 2013

Busy Week!

 Had some brain overload out in Morgan Hill, CA  this past week.  I  survived a  half day of air travel  to reach  Specialized Bicycles  for the SBCU Body Geometry Fit Level II Master's Course.   From building up your fit business to  advanced  assessments  and  aero  fittings,  it was a  great week of learning from some of the the  best  experts in the fit world.   It didn't hurt either that we were allowed to play in the  Specialized Wind Tunnel...

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mark scotch said...

looks interesting! so, what's the first few things to look for to determine if a fit is needed?
For years (even before I started to bike) I've had carpal tunnel issues. I know putting too much weight forward on the bars can cause an issue and that might mean a combo of distance and body angle...anything else we should talk about? let me know.