Monday, December 31, 2012

New Pet

Last Friday started off as a normal work day leading to a long holiday weekend off and ended that evening with a new addition to our family. Continuing with bicycle related pet names, we welcomed Onza an 8 week old female Black Lab into our home. So far so good with the pet hierarchy being established in Laura's Ark here. The cats have been M.I.A. which is fine by me and 8 year old Luna has been tolerating the super hyper pup with a few warning growls to show who rules the house. Onto the bike front, our new A212 S-Works Epics will be arriving soon and I've been staying ahead of the holiday belly bulge by packing the local trails on my fat bike. Season plans are shaping up with possibly a few new races on the schedule and of course I will see if I can keep any of my New Year's resolutions for more than a few weeks. Happy New Year's to everyone! Pedal on...

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