Sunday, April 15, 2012

Just Pedal...

In less than two weeks I'll be standing at the Cohutta 100 starting line looking up at the paved 2-3 mile climb that kicks off the 2012 NUE MTB Series with my A212 teammates.  Time will tell if all the training time this past winter and spring will carry us to our best finishes.  Lots of factors play a part in these long races and a little luck doesn't hurt either.  My goal is to be mechanical free this year with Mother Nature smiling down upon us for a dry 100 miles. 

Today was our club's version of the "Hell of the North" with the Point du Nord Spring Classic training ride.  Not as wet as it could have been, but plenty of power robbing gravel to pedal through.  Picking good lines on these roads were crucial if you didn't want to get left off the back.  Five finished the original route while others chose alternate or shorter routes back to Point.  At least my old legs felt good today with less than a week of hard  training left before taper time starts for Cohutta. 

This coming week I'll be spending more time on my new 29er Epic as I try to get it dialed in before we head south.  I'm anxious to get it dirty finally with a road trip to 9-mile or Hartman's Creek!

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