Monday, April 02, 2012

Great Weekend!

Started my ride early on Saturday morning trying to log my birthday miles before work with one  challenge being the 33 degree temp and a steady mist.  The other was going to be time with only three hours to reach my goal number of 48 on my mountain bike.  A modified Green Circle Trail was my course with fast and slower sections thrown in for my entertainment.  I've never ridden the GC Trail in the same configuration twice.  I always find something new to spice the loop up with and in the end I rolled into work with 45 miles and frozen fingers.  The four mile commute home at days end would keep my birthday ride streak alive for another year...21 consecutive years now in the books!

On Sunday my brother Mark and I rode downtown to Emy J's for the first Spring Classic training ride of the year, the Milan San Rapids.  A record sized group, 35 people from my count started the ride as we cruised easily along in the low to mid 20mph range.   We were headed to Wisconsin Rapids to do the scenic 50 mile river loop.  There were only a few casualties with riders dropping off the main group after Rudolph, but for the most part everyone stayed together and we waited in downtown Rapids to regroup just after the halfway point which hasn't happened during past additions.  With the somewhat mellow pace and better organization, hopefully we will see a good number of yesterdays group at the upcoming Spring Classic rides this month.  A big thanks to Emy J's for opening their doors early so people could use the restrooms!  Pedal on...

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