Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dust Fest...

nd 10 of the WORS series is now in the books after a hot and dusty race in Lake Geneva, WI. Besides mentioning that it was dusty, my legs must have gotten left behind in Copper Harbor at the Fat Tire Fest because they didn't want to climb at all once the race started. Starts have been my Achilles heel this season and having a start that goes up a short steep ski hill didn't help matters at all. Once to the top and buried mid-pack, we all came to a stand still at the entrance to what I've called a lower goat trail over the years. Quoting my brother somewhat here, "I could've gone up the start climb easier and saved energy if I knew that we would all come to a dead stop at the top!" I totally agree with him here, hopefully my climbing legs come back for the next race that has a start like this...

Once we got rolling again we had another backup on the upper goat trail that featured a 180 degree turn up a gravel laden climb to the highest chairlift, which isn't all that high at this mini ski hill. This standstill happened as racers were in the wrong gear or just couldn't be patient enough to give each other a small gap that would have eliminated the domino effect of everyone directly in front of me having to get off their bikes. Finally, after the 2nd backup we finally got rolling and it was time to play catchup.

My climbing legs did eventually make an encore appearance, but the damage had been done on the first lap. No bike problems, rock garden scares or crashes at this years addition of the WORS Treadfest that I ended up 24th overall in the Pro/Elite field. I had to dig very deep mentally to work through the day, but in the end it was worth it being around great teammates and friends. My Specialized S-Works Epic 29erworked flawlessly again, and the best part of the day was seeing Big D's huge smile after we got his bike race ready on Sunday morning!!! Thanks again to Adventure 212 and all my other sponsors listed on my blog for their support this season! Almost forgot that I need to mention our newest team sponsor, Infinit Nutrition! In the last four races I've completely eliminated gels during the race and have only needed to have bottles with their Speed Formula or our very own Jitters endurance mix. Be weary though of the new MUD drink by Infinit! Mixing this double mocha energy drink with an already potent coffee in the early morning hours will light you up and keep you up all night...not what this sleep deprived old racer needs! :)

Pedal on

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