Sunday, September 18, 2011

Big Wheels Keep on Rolling...28th Overall Cheq Fat 40!


Newb Biker said...

I read on one of your old posts that you have a young family and work 40hr a week. Yet, you find the time to train and race.

I am a 40 yrs old male with 12 yr old and 1 yr old boys and full-time job. You have given me some inspiration to dust off the 2004 Yeti ASR-SL and get down to business. I know that I do not have the bike skills and lungs that you do but am willing to see where this take me.

Off to put on my business socks and work on my base training.


Joe Guzman

Unknown said...

Awesome result Mr. Cole!!!! So impressive...look for recognition on the LIST!!!!

Scott Cole said...

Thanks Joe and Charlie!