Sunday, August 14, 2011

Vacation Time!

This summer has flown by and my week of vacation is already here thankfully! No big road trips to see family or travel to a bike related event. This year a few day trips are planned with the kids, but nothing that will take us away overnight. Some R&R is planned along with household chores that need to be completed before the next six weekends are booked full with mountain bike races. Time sure flies when you're busy being a husband, dad, bike racer and have a full-time day job...

On the racing front, I signed up for the Wausau24 6 hour solo 0n the race day morning for some fun and did had a few good laps before my stomach turned sour and forced me to stop for a short period of time. The highlight was a good lap with my brother just as the bad T-Storm hit and postponed the event for 4 hours and ended the 6 hour. Last weekend I survived the Battle of Comstock after a long week at work. I ended up 28th and was satisfied with just finishing as I had no expectations after having very little sleep and lackluster training coming into the race.

Looking ahead to the Copper Harbor MTB Festival and WORS races that are next up on the schedule!! My main focus is the Chequamegon 40 now with my Fat 40 specific training beginning recently to try and better last years finish in what will be my 17th straight 40.

Time to try and relax, but will still keep the cranks turning this coming week early in the morning to try and not take away from family vacation time. Pedal on...

Scott Cole

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