Monday, July 11, 2011

Still Competitive...

This season so far has been filled with lots of great travel with my Adventure 212/Specialized team, but it has also made me ask myself why I'm still racing.

To summarize my season lets look at the condensed version race by race:
Barry-Roubaix - an early season 65 mile gravel grinder that started at 19 degrees.  Started fine and held on to lead group until a big crash not involving me split us apart and the Bonk followed after trying to bridge back up.  Top 30 finish and faster than 2010.
Cohutta 100 - Another amazing adventure with my 212 team only to be derailed at mile 20 when the $200 stick ripped my rear derailleur into a few pieces.  DNF!
Syllamos Revenge - by now you can tell that all 212 team road trips are awesome!  Beautiful scenery,  trails and rental house with a view that was amazing!  Great start until 3 rear tire issues turned this 125k race into a survival ride.  A surprising result coming across the line 21st in the open field.
WORS Rhinelander - body showed up, but no legs...31st on the day.
Mohican 100 - fun travel with Chris, Michelle,  Mark and Lee again, but my downhill slide continues after being KO'd 3 miles into the race by an anxious racer that almost led to me hanging the racing bike up for good.  DNF.
WORS Big Ring - did not start, still battered from the Mohican, but my 29er takes 3rd ridden by Mikee Phillips!
Lumberjack 100 - first race back after big crash.  Just a hard ride with no expectations and thankful for Lee getting me to the finish line in 24th and 8min faster than precious best from 13th overall in 2009.
Subaru Cup Pro/XCT - this big weekend started off horribly.  During pre-ride with the A212 team I go down in the rocks cracking my frame near the rear disc brake and bruise my lower back to add another troubled spot on my old body.  With some good black duct tape I band aided my frame together and in the last hour decide to line up for the Pro xc race.  2 laps into it I'm done and roll off the course even more depressed about my season.  Next is Sunday's short track which went better than expected even after getting pulled some 6+ leg burning laps, but I did find some competitive fire somewhere deep inside myself.  An hour later was the gravity fed Super D event that lasts about 7 minutes and is basically a balls out rise down the tiny ski hill to the finish area.  Bad LeMans run to the bike, but a great time following teammate Chris Peariso to the finish with a worthy 13th overall!
WORS Firecracker - no expectations for yesterdays race, just hoping for a race with no bad luck.  Started off mid-pack and settled in with Justin who I coach and broke the race into four individual one lap races.  The heat was the main hurdle with temps in the low 90's, but with enough fluids and a steady hard pace I rolled across the finish line 19th overall in the Pro/Elite field.  Just the result I needed after a healthier last two weeks of hard workouts and smart training. 

Thanks to Chris & Michelle Peariso along with all our sponsors for keeping me rolling with our incredible team! 

Lastly, Thanks to my wife for all the things she does for me while I continue to be a bike racer!  Love you lots!!! 

I guess I'm still competitive!

Next up WORS @ Crystal Ridge in Franklin.

Pedal on....

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