Monday, October 11, 2010

Wigwam Sheboygan WORS #12

A great race/venue to end the WORS Series at with the temps in the mid 70's and plenty of sunshine. Not my best day on the bike after not being able to clip into my pedal from the start line. You would think that I should be able to clip in without thinking about it after all these years, but obviously that's not true. Blew up pretty hard after the 1st lap trying to make up for the bad start blunder. Not a good strategy on my part when you're racing in a strong field of racers. Ended up racing the big wheels after a mechanical on the 26er Epic after pre-ride on Saturday. Very much missed my brain rear suspension on the last few laps. Had a good time riding the middle laps of the race with my young protege Justin Piontek. Too bad both of us weren't on top of our game yesterday to end the season with a strong finish. Without Justin working with me, I probably would have shut down and just rolled around at a sloth like pace for the remainder of the race. 23rd overall put me close to the middle of the field at the finish with $10 being pocketed on the Equalizer climb that I conquered all five laps. The IceMan Cometh is a month away with possibly a few cross races thrown into the mix to keep training going until November. Congrats to my teammates on dominating the podium yesterday in the Elite race and to Mikee Phillips for dominating the Elite race after a short lived retirement from racing this summer. Thanks to Adventure 212 and Specialized for all the support and camaraderie this season! Pedal on...

photos by Lasecki's, VandeZande's & Schramm

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