Friday, January 22, 2010


Starting the day off at Adventure 212 as Chris Peariso and myself get beat up by our very sweet personnel trainer. If things go as they did for the first two sessions this week, I'll probably be slumped over at my desk about mid-afternoon today. I know that these sessions are good for me and that they will hopefully help to keep me injury free later in this season, but come tomorrow morning I'll need lots of help from my children to peel daddy out of bed if I can move at all. I've found new places to be sore and ache that I never knew existed in the last three weeks.

Weekend plans include some gravel grinding on the cross bikes if the weather cooperates. Yesterday three of us had a great morning ride on the local trails that have had lots of snowshoe traffic this winter. Singlespeeds, studded tires and low gearing make it all doable. My kind of winter training vs. being in the basement on rollers or a trainer in front of the TV.

Tonight everything should be wrapped up for or the 2010 Adventure 212 mountain bike team concerning one of our main sponsors. Add a few good local beers and good food and the work week will end on a great note when discussing the season and the sport of cycling. Get out and ride if you can. Pedal on...

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